Road Transportation

We also provide our customers with unique logistics advantages for the industries which are locomotives of foreign trade in Turkey. We produce fast and special solutions for ever-changing creations and we provide transportation activities together with door-to- door services or added value services such as labeling, alert system installation, etc. by our trucks designed specially to carry hanger textile products upon your request. As Veralog, we can offer quality control service with special equipment and experienced staff upon request. 
Veralog offers;

  • Flexible door-to- door delivery within the Europe
• Alternative transport due to flexibility and close partnerships with leading carriers.
• Reliable service and fast service in the required timeframe
• Customs Clearance
• Documentation and Insurance
• Supply Chain Management
• Picking & Packing
• Warehousing

We offer services for:
West Europe :  Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium  UK
East Europe : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia Hungary, Balkan Countries,
CIS : Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan