Vision, Mission and Values

Becoming leading, reliable, and determining freight forwarder for the continuously growing logistics sector both Turkey and World

To serve the companies that choose the Veralog as logistics solution partner with most efficient and most suitable way according to their demands and exigences

Customers and Market
• We have customer oriented approach and being innovator and expert with scope of our activities.
• Veralog offer advantage with transportation models to the market with the approval of customers

• Skilled team of Veralog network oparate modern, high-class and economic solutions
• Sophisticated global network is VERALOG’s meeting point with our customers.

• Veralog’s success bound with our employees’ loyalty, motivation and qualification.
• As a team with collaboration with our employees, we create opportunity for their self- improvement.
• Veralog supports employees with lifelong learning for their future professional worklife.

• Veralog is expert for supply chain management as specialized with road transportation, Airway transportation and Seaway transportation.
• We satisfy the individual needs of companies with our innovative products.
• As a global brand, Veralog supplies many alternatives for transportation from one center.

• VERALOG always aims for quality.
• Processes always analized, tested and improved.
• Our quality improvent Works for increasing customers satisfaction and provide persistence.

• Veralog’s success with entrepreneurship depends on using our sources efficiently.
• We reach our economical targets with our exact defined strategies.

Social View
• Harmonized cultural differences helps us to think both locally and globally.
• We believe both spritual values and laws.
• Protecting environment while servicing our customers’ needs.
• We have active role of shaping both economical and public environment.